Black Cherry CBD Energy Water – 12 Pack


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Based on the same formulation as the NanoCraft CBD Craft H20 and applying the same quantum physics, our nanotechnology successfully increases the surface area of each substance in our waters, so less is much more. In addition, the cannabinoid particles themselves are made small enough for your body to optimally absorb them, with little to no waste. A black cherry flavored performance H20 with 10mg CBD, nitric oxide, vitamin B-12, and electrolytes to assist with energy.

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Proud Nanocraft Athletes

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A short from Nanocraft Athletes: Landon McNamara, Tim Humphreys, Mason Ho, Eli Olson, Sheldon Paishon and more!

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Nanocraft can work hand in hand with the lifestyle I live… Two months in and I can fully see the difference.

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Black Cherry CBD Energy Water – 12 Pack