Muscle and Joint Bundle


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Sore muscles and stiff joints can surprise us all. Whether you’re recovering from an intense workout or learning to live with an aging body, we all need help getting back on our feet. The Muscle & Joint Bundle design may make movement easier, assisting with recovery.

Included In Your Bundle:

  • Broad Spectrum CBD Softgel Capsules with Curcumin
  • Broad Spectrum Pure CBD Drops
  • Broad Spectrum Muscle & Joint Stick (Extra Strength)

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Muscle and Joint Bundle

This all-natural bundle includes the CBD Softgel Capsules with Curcumin, the Pure CBD Drops, and the Extra Strength Muscle & Joint Stick.

Pure CBD Oil – Broad Spectrum Tincture Drops

For those that remain dedicated to the straight-forward benefit of CBD and other synergistic cannabinoids and terpenes. An invigorating taste of ginger and citrus, with absolutely no additives, providing the highest quality. Designed to ease a broad spectrum of needs!

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Softgel Capsules with Curcumin

Our Phytocannabinoid-Rich (PCR) soft gels with Curcumin are created with our patent-pending water-soluble PCR hemp oil. This product contains 25 mg of phytocannabinoids and 10 mg of curcumin per softgel.

Each nutrient-dense, pharmaceutical grade softgel comes packed with 25mg of Broad Spectrum CBD, plus over 40 naturally present synergistic terpenes that may aid in maximizing your body’s natural ability to heal.

The water-soluble formulation inside these softgels is composed of a nanoemulsion-based delivery system with cannabinoid emulsion droplets approximately 25 nanometers in size. The high surface area of cannabinoid molecules help maximize cellular absorption, resulting in a bioavailability that is 3-5 times higher than other cannabinoids delivered in oil form. The enhanced and consistent absorption (despite fed vs. fasting state) may lead to predictable biological response and improved efficacy.

We also guarantee that all our products are free of pesticides, herbicides, solvents, and chemical fertilizers. And of course, all our products contain less than 0.3% THC, which means that you can order CBD pills and have them delivered straight to your home, anywhere in the country. As a matter of fact, we deliver to all 50 states. 

Extra Strength CBD Muscle & Joint Stick – Broad Spectrum (500mg)

Amp Up The Dose With Extra Strength: The NanoCraft CBD Extra Strength Salve Stick is loaded with an impressive 500mg of broad spectrum hemp oil, along with an array of healing herbs and soothing essential oils, which may offer a sense of calm and well-being during times of recovery.

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Proud Nanocraft Athletes

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A short from Nanocraft Athletes: Landon McNamara, Tim Humphreys, Mason Ho, Eli Olson, Sheldon Paishon and more!

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Proud Nanocraft Athletes

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A short from Nanocraft Athletes: Landon McNamara, Tim Humphreys, Mason Ho, Eli Olson, Sheldon Paishon and more!

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Nanocraft can work hand in hand with the lifestyle I live… Two months in and I can fully see the difference.

[/testimonial] [testimonial-name]Taylor Knox @taylor_knox[/testimonial-name]

Muscle and Joint Bundle
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