Night Time CBD Oil for Sleep


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[short_description] Assist with Recovery. Relaxation and Recharging. NanoCraft Night utilizes a suite of known sleep support agents in tandem with our highly bioavailable nano-emulsified Broad Spectrum CBD, to assist you with flawless rest. With a taste of relaxing lavender and a blend of passionflower, 5-HTP, and a touch of melatonin, this calming blend is the perfect way to prepare your mind and body for deep, restorative sleep.[/short_description] [product_description] 

The Best CBD Oil Drops For Sleep Nanocraft CBD

NIGHT drops are formulated with a blend of broad-spectrum phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, melatonin, natural lavender terpenes and MCT oil (coconut oil). Our formulation creates a pleasant sleep formula that is all-natural, non-GMO, and pesticide-free.

What is the best CBD Oil Dosage For Sleep?

The amount of CBD an individual may need will varying depending on their size, age, and sex. In most cases, it’s best to begin with a small amount of CBD to gauge your reaction. Then, increase or decrease how much you consume, accordingly. Each of our CBD tinctures contain measurement indicators on the droplet, up to 1.0 mL per full drop of high-quality CBD. We recommend taking just one full drop a night and deciding how it impacts you. 

Why CBD Tincture Oils Are Great for Sleep

Nanocraft CBD Night drops include broad spectrum hemp oil, lavender, and melatonin, which have been formulated with MCT coconut oil. The combination of these ingredients have been scientifically formulated to assist with sleep quality in the most natural way possible.




  • 10mg of high potency CBD per serving

  • Take before bedtime to assist with sleep

  • Infused with melatonin which has been suggested to be a potential natural sleep aid

  • A convenient way to get purest form of CBD

  • Infused with lavender essential oil, which may assist with anxiety, brain function, pain, and sleep

  • Independently tested for quality and potency

  • Maximum absorption

  • Nano-Amplified using NanoPlex technology for maximum absorption

  • Great tasting lavender flavor

  • Made from 100% pure hemp

  • 100% THC free

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A proud Nanocraft Athlete

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A short from Nanocraft Athlete Landon McNamara.

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I use every Nanocraft product on a daily basis…my favorite are right now dealing with an ankle injury are the pain sticks and CBD Night.

[/testimonial] [testimonial-name]Landon McNamara @landon_mcnamara[/testimonial-name] [instruction-img][/instruction-img] [instruction-header]Hints of lavender and passionflower[/instruction-header] [instruction-header-em]Assists with Recovery. Relaxation & Recharging. [/instruction-header-em] [instruction] Apply under the tongue or in a drink! [/instruction] [instruction-sm-img][/instruction-sm-img]

Night Time CBD Oil for Sleep